Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity

University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics

The Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity (SMASH) is a research group that brings together a range of researchers from University of Edinburgh in order to build on our existing strengths in social media research. This research group focuses on mining structures and behaviors in social networks.

List of the current projects:

 - Stance understanding and detection
 - Sarcasm understanding and detection
 - Automatically creating language resources from social media
 - Hate-speech understanding and detection
 - Language evolution over social media
 - Mental health monitoring from social media
 - Privacy Violation on Social Media
 - Atheism discussion in the Arab Twittersphere
 - Humor detection
 - Fake-news detection


  • smash@mlist.is.ed.ac.uk
  • Informatics Forum 3.12, Edinburgh EH8 9AB, United Kingdom, Edinburgh, UK EH8 9AB
  • DM Me