Mazajak: An Online Arabic Sentiment Analyser

Sentiment analysis is one of the most useful natural language processing applications. There are many papers and systems addressing this task, but most of the work is focused on English. Therefore, we present Mazajak, an online system for Arabic sentiment analysis. The system is based on a deep learning model, which achieves state-of-the-art results on many Arabic dialect datasets including SemEval 2017 and ASTD. The system provides three-way sentiment classification to one of the classes (Positive, Negative, Neutral). Mazajak provides many features such as sentiment analysis for a sentence, a file, or you can submit a Twitter account and get an analysis of the user. In addtion to that there is an online API.

Mazajak was created by Ibrahim Abu Farha and Dr. Walid Magdy at the ILCC, part of the School of Informatics, the Univeristy of Edinburgh. This project was funded by The Alan Turing Institute, UK. The details about the system were published in WANLP-2019, please cite the following paper: Mazajak: An Online Arabic Sentiment Analyser. Ibrahim Abu Farha and Walid Magdy. In Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop (WANLP). 2019.

You can access the online tool from here